We honor the “army of survivors” that bravely stepped forward and put Nassar behind bars for life.  We thank them for their courage.  They have much healing to do as does Michigan State University.  Dave Dutch is committed to moving forward with needed healing for our Spartan community starting with a transparent investigation to gather all of the relevant information and holding all those accountable who in any way enabled the abuse.  Dave is also committed to bringing the needed changes to Michigan State University so it can continue its mission of providing a world class education to all our students in a safe and secure environment that can be trusted by MSU faculty, staff, students, and parents.

Keep in-state tuition affordable:

Too many Michigan families struggle financially to provide their children with the great educational opportunities available at Michigan State University. Dave Dutch will leverage his 20 years of business experience to pursue policies and budgeting that keeps in-state tuition affordable. Our tax dollars need to be spent appropriately and our in-state Michigan families deserve affordable college tuition.

Access for ALL qualified Michigan kids:

Michigan taxpayers have made significant investments to create some of the finest state universities in the nation, and our children should receive the benefit of that investment. For Dave Dutch, Michigan kids come first, and should never have to wait in line behind equally qualified out-of-state applicants for admission to Michigan State University.

Expand Programs for Veterans:

Dave Dutch is a proud Veteran.  He believes our nation will benefit by taking advantage of the leadership and unique experience of those who have served the nation in our armed forces. That is why he will seek to expand upon programs designed to draw our nation’s Veterans to Michigan State University following their service to country. This will provide opportunity to our Veterans, enhance the diverse student body at MSU, and ultimately contribute to the growth of our economy.