Fellow Michiganders,

Over recent weeks we have all watched in horror as the details of the crimes committed by Larry Nassar came to light. As a father of four, including two incredible young women currently attending Michigan State University, I am sickened by Nassar’s crimes and by the fact that many were committed at the university I love. Only the strength and bravery of the “army of survivors” has stood as a ray of hope and light in this trying time. God bless them all. One thing is certain -- change is needed at Michigan State University.

As a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and a Special Operations Officer in the US Navy I had the honor and responsibility of leading men in combat. I understand the need to hold people accountable, and that the commanding officer is ultimately accountable. That is the burden of leadership. So, I agree with the decision made by Lou Anna Simon to resign as President of Michigan State University as it will allow for the healing process to begin.

As a MBA graduate from the Broad School of Business at Michigan State University I learned the skills needed to assist troubled companies to restructure and grow after difficult times. Over the years I have used those skills to build companies and create jobs. The need for a change in culture, strong oversight and focusing on the future are necessary to move an organization forward. New and clear eyes are needed to identify and fix a troubling situation in the military or in corporate America, and Michigan State University is no different. For MSU to heal and move forward, we must first ensure justice for the victims and then refocus on the University’s central mission of providing a world class education for our students in a safe and secure setting that parents can trust.

Brian Breslin and Mitch Lyons, both current Trustees at Michigan State University, have announced that they are not running for re-election in 2018. After thoughtful consideration with my wife and my family I have decided to seek one of the two Republican nominations at the convention this August. I want to use my experience from the military, in business, and as a lifelong Spartan to bring the fresh eyes and leadership needed to move Michigan State forward.

Over these last months I have had the opportunity to speak with many members of the Republican party, Spartan families and the citizens of Michigan about the future of MSU and how I might best help. I have been impressed with the ideas put forward by my fellow Spartan, William Deary. He shares my businesslike approach to implementing needed changes that will allow Michigan State to move past this dark time, take care of its’ students, and continue its long, proud tradition as a land grant university. I am pleased that today he is also moving forward with a candidacy for MSU Trustee and calling for accountability with transparency.

To find out more about me and my campaign please visit GoGreenVoteDutch.com. There you can elect to receive more information as the campaign moves forward or provide your endorsement or support.


Dave Dutch

Candidate for MSU Trustee