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Do you want to improve the car’s traction snow? If you are traveling in the snow area, you need to improve the car’s traction by improving the weight of the car. If the weight becomes overloaded, the engine can increase the power to the car gets moving forward. Let see the important things what you have to do and don’ts in your car while adding the weight.

  • Have to add the weight on the rear wheel- drive vehicle
  • Haven’t to add the weight on front wheel- drive vehicle
  • Don’t add the weight at the back of drive vehicle
  • While adding the weight on 4WD in some situations, you need to watch carefully.

Consider the below instructions to know what are suitable ideas for adding the weight to truck bed for the winter season.

Weight at the back ends:


While going in the snowfall area, you can easily find that you don’t have enough traction to pull your vehicle to the hills. If you slightly increase your pressure on a gear, identify that you can able to use more weight. A pickup truck is normally designed to carry the cargo, but nowadays the drivers didn’t halt anything on their beds. While driving if your truck is empty means, they may have a chance to miss the handle balancing and the ideal traction gets lost from the rear wheels.

RWD vehicles:

A rear-wheel drive car has the ability to balance between the front and back end. The vehicle load can be equally shared by each tire. If you want to improve a bit in the now traction, you have to add the weight on the rear axle but your car should be filled with the people and luggage’s in back. In case your car has already reached the greater percentage load means, you need not add something else.

Improve Car’s Traction in Snow

Changes happened due to the added weight:

The added weight doesn’t create much more important differences in the braking. The main changes happened after the overload is, the contact patch size can be increased, tire become flattens out, while the rubber meeting the road. The tire has a high gripping surface and fewer rounds, which helps you to stop the vehicle faster. However, if want to overcome the snow means, you need to add the weight to put in the back of a truck for winter.

Best materials to be used:

  • The sandbags, which are tube-shaped structure, are the most popular one. Normally, the weight should be in 60 to 70 pounds commonly used in the hardware stores and home improvement.
  • Some other common materials used for adding the weight is potting soil, rock salt, drainage gravel, and cat litter. If you use for weight in truck bed while traveling means, you ever gets stuck in the snow.
  • You should fill the gas tank; it can also help you to add some weight. A filled tank will give you an extra 100 pounds.

These are all consideration you have to add to improve the weight of the car. While driving in the winter, you need to adding weight to truck bed.