Category: Automotive chemicals

penetrating fluid

Importance of penetrating fluid – features, benefits and uses

Penetrating oil is a type of oil used for corroded bolts and nuts. It is low viscosity oil that penetrates to the narrow threads. It performs well by, penetrating into the screw threads to remove rust on bolts and nuts. It’s mainly used for domestic […]

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fuel efficiency

Preventive & Maintenance Schedules for better fuel efficiency and gas mileage in Motor Vehicles

The cruise control is usually used to maintain the constant speed in a motor vehicle. It helps to move the vehicle in the continuous speed and steady speed which in turn helps to save gas on a road trip. When you drive a car, have […]

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Change the Transmission Fluid

When You Have to Change the Transmission Fluid

When do you need to change the transmission fluid? There are a lot of fluids are running in your vehicle, but the most important one is transmission fluid. If you need the smooth movements of gear from your vehicle, you have to take care of […]

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dispose of old gasoline

Different Ways to Recycle the Old Gasoline

What you have to do with the old gasoline? Normally, the gasoline is nothing but a fuel extracted from the crude oil and some other petroleum liquids. The engine fuels in every vehicle are nothing but the gasoline. However, if the gasoline gets too old […]

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