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Have you heard about the jump-start a lawn mower battery? Most of the people’s question is how to jump-start a riding lawn mower with a car? If you are having a good capacity battery in your lawn mower, you can easily jumpstart. Most of the lawn mowers are operated in the 12-volt system battery. Not sure, everyone’s lawn mower made of up of the 12-volt system, while going to ride you must check the details of your battery.

Some of the inexperienced mower manufactures can be warned, you should not take the jump-start, because it will permanently damage your electronics present in your lawn mower. Let see the further things included in the lawn mower riding:

Lawn mower battery:

Normally, the lawn mower with battery capacity 12-volt is the basic factor for effectiveness. You can easily make the jump start with the lawn mower with this battery capacity. The battery commonly found in under the seat, behind wheels, under the hood, under drink holder and some other hard places to find. Sometimes, if any mistakes can happen during the jump-start, it will be very dangerous and able to cause the injury.

While riding you have to wear eye protection and gloves. Before going to ride, you have to charge a riding lawn mower battery. If you have any doubt while going to ride, you have to remove the battery and recharge it with the external battery charger. If you are using an external charger, it will be charged in the open ventilation help you to avoid the unwanted sparks or flame in the battery. You must also keep your battery neat and clean.

umpstart a Riding Lawn Mower


Before going to start the jump-start, you must need to check whether the battery is secured and any leakage has happened or not. Because the leakage batteries are harmful to health and sometimes it will burn your skin. The gloves and eye protection have to be used if the battery is in wet condition.

You also have to check the terminals where the oil or gas is stored; it must be secured and not damaged. Because, if any damages or loose connection in your terminals can cause the electric arc and stop the fuel going to the starter.

Riding with a car:

The jump-start lawn mower with a car is quite simple. You just need a jumper lead for your mower. While buying the jumper leads, you have to select the good quality with the heavy set. Poles of the battery are usually colored with the red and black. The red color is used to indicate the positive side and the black is for the negative symbol.

Start your vehicle and move close to the mower and you have to pop the hood to process the battery. Then you have to remove the plastic shield present on the car battery terminals and have to charge a lawn mower battery with a car. Try to match the colors of the batteries. Always you should give first preference to the red (+) and then black (-). Once you fit with the red pole, you can start to jump and the same procedure has to follow for the negative pole.

These are all the instructions have be followed while going to start the jumpstart a lawn mower with a car.