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Have you heard about the uses of parking lights in your car? The parking lights are also called as the sidelights, which is not as bright as headlights. Therefore, drivers can use the parking lights when they are traffic and also less darkness. Still, most of the people’s doesn’t know the use of the parking lights and why they are name called “parking lights”.

The parking lights are nothing but a set of lights present in the outside of the headlights in front of the car. Another set of parking lights are present in the rear. Let see the uses of parking lights in the car.


The parking system has been developed under the wiring system of the headlights and used simultaneously for illuminating the vehicles. The cars can be more visible from the side by the use of parking lights. Normally, the parking lights are available in orange or golden color, and then only you can to find the difference between red brake lights and white headlights. It will give a bright and clear look to the opponent.

use the parking lights

Common Uses:

The parking lights are used for maintaining the traditional position of your car. Some of the cars use the same bulbs as for blinking along with the car’s headlights. The parking lights are normally located in the outside of the headlights, but some of the cars contain in the inner side or in the below headlamps.

Situations to use the parking lights:

Generally, if you are going to park the car in roadside or one park, you have to use the parking lights as hazard indicator. The purpose of parking light is the indication of the low-battery consuming.

It will be quite useful for the person, who uses the minimal amount of light in the roadside and do not want to pay attention to them by using the headlights. It will also use in the low-light driving. Nowadays, the parking lights are used as a daylight lamp. While using daylight lamps, it doesn’t increase the consumption of the battery.

Regulations about the parking lights:

If you are going to park your car, you have to indicate the parking lights with a speed limit of 30 mph. In some other countries, if the parking lights are switched on while driving, you have to pay the fine charges. This type of rules is only applicable for the night driving, but in the daytime, they are encouraged to use parking lights.

Advantages of the parking lights:

The parking lamps are mainly designed to use in different situations, to improve the visibility of a car. The parking lights are fitted in almost all the cars; they are linked with the headlights.

Parking lights vs. running lights: They parking lights are run on the various electronics system wired with the headlights; they are used to indicate the narrow parking, to alert the presence of a parked car and in lit roads.

By the using of clear lenses, they emit the white light for hazardous indication. It is not as bright as headlights, even though the white lights are clear in the poor conditions.