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A trickle charger is a car battery charger used to recharge the battery. The best battery trickle charger is specifically designed to leave on the car for a long period of time to recharge the battery of the car.

Normally batteries are depleted after the charge but this trickle charger slowly adds the charge to battery & does not allow the normal depletion of charge. Several types of trickle charge batteries are available in the market.

Use trickle charger

Some trickle chargers left on a battery indefinitely. A trickle charging car battery is designed specifically for this reason that keeps the battery from being depleted from non-use. In case of an emergency, using a trickle charger is the best way to avoid bad situations.

Using a trickle charger for a car battery

Trickle charger employs the use of a battery regulator to regulate charging and helps to prevent overcharging. It maintains the full charging capacity. It charges with frequent charging and discharging option to prevent any cause or damage to the battery.

How to use a Trickle Charger?

It is easy to use. A trickle charging car battery contains a power cable and two alligator clips to set the voltage and amperage appropriate for the battery. Before connecting be sure check the button and switches and set them prior connecting to a power source.

Ensure the safety precautions before charging

Before you start the charging process in the best battery trickle charger, ensure that all safety precautions are taken in a proper way. First of all your vehicle must be parked in an idle place where ventilation should be proper and it must be free from rain or water and well ventilated.

Because the charging process produces excess hydrogen gas that may evolve to a fire explosion. Ensure that the ignition of the vehicle is turned off and the key is properly removed from the car.

A trickle charging car battery needs the best suitable place to attach the negative terminal of the charger which is the safe key to giving effective completion on the trickle circuit. It is ideally used to spot the bare metal on the frame that easily contacts with a bolt attached on the chassis.

Check for Proper Connection

Now connect the two alligator clips of red and black color respectively. Attach red cable to the positive terminal and black to the negative. Once the charger is plugged-in never touch the cable or wires that cause serious injury or shock. Now connect the trickle charger to the power socket.

Turn on Charger

Ensure the connections are properly cabled in the best battery trickle charger as per the manual instruction and now turn on the charger.

Make “on” position in your charger and once the charge is done, the amp meter will show 0 to a fully charged battery then turn “off” the switch.

In case of any noise, sound or problem immediately turn off the charger and find the solution for the problem or call to the customer care for further unresolved problems.

Suppose using a trickle charger turns off the connection of the charger because the meter reads low then remove all the cables. Now reconnect the cable then turn on the charger will definitely enable the charging option.

Make sure that the charger is properly working in a display. Now keep the charger “on” until the battery charging is full.

Many trickle charging car battery chargers can be left connected for months that will never do any harm to the battery or the environment. This can be placed safely work with long term battery maintenance strategy. Always read the trickle charger’s manual before starting to use.